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Priva develops and supplies products and services for sustainable, innovative climate control. We do this through a network of dealers and partners to end users in horticulture, public and commercial buildings, and general industry. We are an international company with nine worldwide offices. Because we work together with local parties, we are represented in many countries. Priva is a global market leader in horticultural business.

Priva helps business create a climate for growth. Whether companies want to improve operating results or maximize crop yields, our products and services for process optimization allow them to perform at a higher level.

Sustainable and innovative horticulture
Sustainability is at the heart of Priva’s business ethos. For us, it is not just a passing fad; it’s built into all of our operations. Priva invests a lot in innovation. Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s standard. Together wit our local partner organizations, we offer our customers across the world access to high quality hardware, software and services. We believe in innovating by sharing knowledge, and so we regularly work with universities, research institutes and business partners.

The best solution for any ambition
Priva provides sustainable automation solutions that respond to the needs of growers. From a basic solution for an individual process to an integrated solution for an entire business operation. The solutions we provide are the result of a close collaboration with dealers in all parts of the world. After all, our dealers are the ones with a comprehensive knowledge of local conditions and who provide advice, service and carry out installations. Priva can provide the very best solution, not only for your current ambitions, but also for your future ambitions as well.

Our global offices

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FoodTechHolland works with a variety of local partners and has a liasion in Delhi, India and an office located in Zeist, the Netherlands. 

This way we can give you local support, while maintaining a Dutch contact point at all times.

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