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GoodBite Meat Substitutes

GoodBite meat substitutes: the taste, bite and experience of eating meat but without the disadvantages of meat. Better for animal welfare, better for the environment, better for your health! Available for retail, the catering sector and industry.

The GoodBite range consists of: burgers, sausages, schnitzels (filled), snacks, stir-fry products, BBQ/Grill products, tofu, ingredients, dough products (sausage (puff pastry) rolls) and sandwich fillings. GoodBite meat substitutes contain ingredients such as proteins from soy, wheat and peas. Almost all GoodBite products are precooked and therefore quick to prepare.

The products are cholesterol free, highly versatile, have a relatively long shelf life and are comparatively low in saturated fats.

GoodBite meat substitutes are available as refrigerated but also frozen products in a range of packaged varieties: CU (consumer units), 1.8 kg – 2.75 kg boxes (depending on the product) and 10 kg boxes and crates. Delivery under the brand name and private label are both possible.

Soy protein is used in the production of GoodBite meat substitutes. This is imported. The cultivation of the soy crops has no negative impact on the tropical rainforests and the soy is not genetically modified. GoodBite meat substitutes contain egg protein from free-range chickens. GoodBite is the first meat substitute range to use only free-range eggs.

Schouten Europe B.V. is a flexible organisation and can quickly adapt the taste and composition of its products to its customers’ needs but also to cultural differences. Schouten Europe B.V. also offers the option of organic products, ready meals and main course salads, and a leaner meat concept (meat combined with a vegetable component).

Our products respond effectively to the rising demand for healthy and sustainable products from consumers. People are increasingly being encouraged to eat less meat, and consumers are following this trend.

Schouten Europe B.V. is specialist, innovative, experienced and reliable, and is always on the look-out for new partners and potential markets.


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